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Reverse Engineering – Case Study Two

A nuclear power plant required replacement of a 3,000 HP motor.

The Details

A 1960s-era 3000 HP motor on the hot side of the nuclear reactor was experiencing typical wear and tear after 50 years of service.

When it comes to nuclear plants, the parts need to be the exact same as what the engineers signed off on at the beginning of the project, and the original manufacturer was no longer in business.

Emnor was brought in to Reverse Engineer the required parts to bring the nuclear reactor up to code. We then sent our team down to Florida to measure the part with our portable coordinate measuring technology to measure the necessary parts.

With the motor bell being made of cast iron, unwanted vibrations from inner components caused the cast iron to crack. We worked with a qualified motor repair and manufacturing facility to reverse engineer the jacketed bell housing. To have the work done to nuclear standard — including x-rays and material traceability — Emnor witnessed when casting the parts for the entire reverse engineering process.

All components passed the physical and chemical composition testing, as well as nuclear accredited x-raying.

Upon completing the approval process, the parts were delivered to the customer. With an 11 week turnaround time, the motor was successfully brought back up to code and able to pass inspection tests.

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reverse engineering case study

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